Certification in gender affirming voicework

To become certified in gender affirming voicework, trainees must complete the necessary training, as detailed below. To be updated on any new information regarding the application process, potential scholarship opportunities, and potential CMTE credits, subscribe to the interest list.

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This is a certification process for music therapists and graduate level music therapy students who would like to facilitate gender affirming voicework services for others. The process consists of completing Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework and Level II: Clinical work in gender affirming voicework. Upon completing the necessary requirements for both of these levels, trainees will receive their certification in gender affirming voicework and will be added to the list of music therapists certified in gender affirming voicework.

Please note: The term "gender affirming voicework" refers to a very specific set of ideas developed by Maevon Gumble in relation to gender and voice-focused music therapy, and it is in the process of being trademarked. It is requested that you do not use the term "gender affirming voicework" to describe your music therapy work until you have completed the required training.

Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework

January 22, 2023 - August 6, 2023, meeting Sundays 3:30-5:30pm EST via Zoom for a total of 24 weeks (breaking for holidays)


First 8 weeks will be spent focused on developing a solid foundation in gender affirming voicework. Space will be provided for the cohort to engage with readings/resources, group discussions, and experientials focused on:

  • Unpacking cissexism within ourselves & within the voice
  • Embracing a transformational learning & resource-oriented music therapy approach
  • Developing awareness of many kinds of vocal embodiments & hormonal environments
  • Building knowledge of vocal anatomy & physiology as well as resonance & pitch
  • Developing skills for working with the physical voice
  • Developing skills for emotional holding
  • Developing assessment & evaluation practices
  • Exploring ethics & scope of practice

For the remaining 16 weeks, the cohort will be divided into groups of three for triad work, with each triad assigned a trainer who will supervise. Each triad member will rotate through the roles of Facilitator, Participant, and Observer. This will allow each person to: Practice facilitating gender affirming voicework with peers; Explore their relationship with and mechanics of their own voice; and Observe peers to offer feedback. The training will end with the entire group coming back together to process and prepare for clinical work, should they desire to continue on to Level II.


Board certified music therapist (or similarly credentialed if not based in U.S.) or current enrollment as a music therapy graduate student


We have been very intentional in our attempts to make this training as accessible and socially just as possible and are therefore using a tiered system for the cost of this training. Please note that being honest about your financial situation enables the growth of more equitable and financially sustainable communities. The cost of this training opportunity reflects a respect and commitment to the work of practitioners in healing fields who have professional costs and living expenses. When paid fairly, the facilitators of this training are able to dedicate more resources to each trainee and can provide more low cost offerings.

  • Tier I: $960 - Available for BIPOC queer, transgender, nonbinary, and gender expansive music therapists and music therapy students (with the intention being to have scholarship opportunities also available at this tier)
  • Tier II: $1280 - Available for marginalized and minoritized music therapists and music therapy students with an economic need
  • Tier III: $1600 - Suggested rate for music therapy professionals
  • Tier IV: $2080 - Recommended for those who are a part of privileged communities and those able to pay more to support the facilitators in making this training both accessible and sustainable

Please note that we will be offering a 3:1 ratio of trainees to trainers, which means that there will be limited availability for this first training. As such, we will be using an application. More details to come about applications, set to open sometime in October. Thanks for your patience!

Level I facilitators

Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Braedyn "Rae" Inmon, MT-BC

Karter "K" Schachner, MT-BC

Level II: Clinical Work in gender affirming voicework

Ongoing, at trainee's own pace


Trainees will begin offering gender affirming voicework, emphasizing that they are still in training to any potential clients.

Please note that as this certification process is still in development, the number of required clinical and supervision hours needed to become certified might shift as we gain more clarity about the process of training others in gender affirming voicework. We ask for patience and compassion as this training method continues to develop.

At the moment, we estimate that at least 50 hours of clinical work will be required, to be completed at the trainee's own desired pace under the direct supervision of a music therapist experienced in gender affirming voicework. Alongside this clinical work, we estimate that at least 25 hours of individual and/or group supervision will be required.

Supervisors will work individually with trainees to continue improving their skills in gender affirming voicework. This might involve ongoing assessment, assigned readings, and sharing case studies. As stated above, this certification process is still in development. Please note that supervisors reserve the right to require additional clinical hours/supervision to further develop skills needed to support others in this work.

Upon successfully completing the required hours for clinical gender affirming voicework and supervision, trainees will receive their certification in gender affirming voicework and will be added to the list of music therapists certified in gender affirming voicework.


Completion of Level I: Foundations of gender affirming voicework

Trainees will be responsible for all individual and group supervision fees (negotiated between trainee and supervisor)

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