Owned by Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC, Becoming Through Sound LLC is a therapy practice that has a vision to foster opportunities for healing, wellness, empowerment, community, and social justice through engagement in mental health services, gender affirming voicework, supervision, and gender affirming voicework trainings. The aim is to provide culturally sustaining and liberating services and to provide space for professionals to learn about and explore gender affirming voicework through education and access to information.

Becoming Through Sound LLC  has an intention to provide a collaborative space where you can foster ways of living that bring you healing, joy, and peace. This is grounded in a belief that we are in constant states of becoming better and more authentic versions of ourselves, if we allow ourselves to do so. Becoming Through Sound LLC aims to be queer/LGBTQIA+, body size, polyamory/consensual non-monogamy, BDSM/kink, disabled, neurodiversity, and gender affirmative as well as anti-racist.

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Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC [they/them]

Music Therapist, Pre-Licensed Counselor, Owner

"Feeling connected with your therapist is one of the most important parts of any journey of self-exploration. In both the mental health services and gender affirming voicework that I do, I use a collaborative, nonpathologizing, resource-oriented therapy approach that fosters creative healing spaces for personal growth. Basically, this means that while I certainly bring my knowledge, resources, and lived experiences into the therapy space, I strive to honor your expertise of who you are as a person and your own strengths and resources. Together, we work to foster the kind of life that you want to be living, whether that's related to your own mental health and/or accessing and embodying a more affirming singing/speaking voice. I utilize a variety of models/theories such as Internal Family Systems, Feminist Theory, Queer Theory, Humanistic Therapy, and Resource-Oriented Music Therapy. I am a board-certified music therapist and pre-licensed counselor under the direct supervision of Demeko Freeman, LPC, MMT, MT-BC. In addition to the above services described, I offer supervision/training, particularly around engaging in gender affirming voicework and queering music therapy practice." 

"I completed my education at Slippery Rock University, earning a Bachelor of Music in Music Therapy/Voice degree with a minor in Gender Studies (2016) and a Master of Music Therapy, Counseling track degree (2019). In 2016 I officially became a board-certified music therapist and since then have worked with people of all ages in a variety of settings, including youth group homes/residential treatment facilities, inpatient and outpatient mental health centers, mobile mental health settings, and community music settings. During my graduate work, I began developing gender affirming voicework as a music therapy method and immediately opened my own practice to being offering this work to others. Upon completing my graduate work, I also began offering mental health services through my practice, and the rest is history! In my spare time, I am a singer/songwriter who performs both my own original music as well as predominately covers of transgender, queer, and/or female musicians. My social locators are white, nonbinary genderqueer, queer, small fat, polyamorous, kink-friendly, non-disabled, and with acquired neurodivergence. If this sounds like what you've looking for, reach out today!"

Who I work alongside

  • Those a part of marginalized and minoritized communities (particularly those coming from LGBTQIA+ communities)
  • Anyone exploring gender, sexuality, and identity
  • Anyone wanting to work on their voice focused on gender and embodiment
  • Those navigating trauma stemming from abuse and/or systemic oppression
  • Those interested in Internal Family Systems-informed parts work
  • All ages

Fees for services

Individual services: $130 per fifty-minute session with a self-pay scale of $50-130 available

Group services: $50 per group session with a self-pay scale of $20-50 available

All payment due at the date of service. Please note that no insurance is accepted, although HSA/FSA can be used.

Office hours

by appointment only

Mondays: 12pm - 8pm EST

Tuesdays: 12pm - 8pm EST

Wednesdays: unavailable

Thursdays: 12pm - 8pm EST

Fridays: 12pm - 8pm EST

Saturdays: unavailable

Sundays: unavailable