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Who are we?

We are a private practice which has a vision to foster opportunities for healing, wellness, empowerment, community, and social justice through engagement in music psychotherapy, gender affirming voicework, and trainings/workshops. Our aim is to provide culturally sustaining and liberating music therapy services and to provide space for professionals to learn about and explore gender affirming voicework through education and access to information.

Becoming Through Sound Music Therapy Services currently offers individual / group music psychotherapy sessions as well as gender affirming voicework sessions and workshops to children, teens / adolescents, adults, and older adults. We provide a collaborative space where we can foster ways of living that bring you healing, joy, and peace, even as you might be processing difficult and painful experiences. In our work, we believe that we are in constant states of becoming better and more authentic versions of ourselves, if we allow ourselves to do so. Our practices aim to be queer/LGBTQIA+, body, polyamory/consensual non-monogamy, disabled, and gender affirmative as well as anti-racist.

Current therapists:

Picture of Maevon who wears glasses, has shaved hair, is wearing a sweater and button-down shirt, and is smiling

Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Music Therapist | Owner

Pronouns:  they/them

"As a white, nonbinary genderqueer, polyamorous, fat, and nondisabled music therapist, I strive to foster creative, affirming healing spaces that allow those I work with to find meaningful growth. I emphasize a collaborative, nonpathologizing approach informed by feminist, resource-oriented, trauma-informed, queer, disability, and liberation theories. Basically, this means that we will both bring our knowledge, resources, and life experiences into the therapy space, guiding us in our work together, and that we will strive to engage in anti-oppressive practice.

Although I've worked with a variety of people, I particularly have a lot of experience in supporting those a part of the queer / trans / nonbinary / LGBTQIA+ communities and those navigating the aftermath of trauma. I offer two services: 1) music psychotherapy informed by Internal Family Systems and 2) gender affirming voicework."

Click here for my education / certification, work experience, and a complete list of my academic work.

What's music therapy?

Music therapy is an established health profession where music is used within a therapeutic relationship to support a wide variety of healthcare needs, dependent upon the person and what they're wanting to work on.

At Becoming Through Sound Music Therapy Services, we specialize in music psychotherapy and gender affirming voicework. For more information on what music therapy looks like in these contexts click below! 

Becoming Through Sound

Music Therapy Services

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Maevon Gumble, MMT, MT-BC

Music Therapist | Owner

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We serve folx across the USA. However, please note that due to licensing requirements, we are UNABLE to work with those residing in the following states:  Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Nevada, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Oregon, Rhode Island, Utah, Virginia, and Wisconsin

If you are from one of these states, we will be unable to provide services, but we would be happy to support you in getting connected with a local music therapist from your state. 

based in Pittsburgh, PA

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